Reduce, reuse, recycle

By Kelli Martin

Limiting your personal amount of waste is a difficult and tedious process considering everything we consume contributes to trash. Landfills of waste products are damaging land and are adding to environmental expenses.

Recycling old material is essential to waste managing being the plastic itself does not break down.

According to Rinkesh, from Conserve Energy Future, if people followed the three R’s, reduce, reuse, recycle, changes towards a better environment could be made.

I agree that plastic is negatively affecting the environment in more than one way. Some personal strategies I use to avoid the use of plastic include:

  1. Using glass or stainless steal containers for food products
  2. Allows carrying a personal water bottle for reuse
  3. Bringing my own bags to the grocery store
  4. Finding ways to use all foods and materials, waste nothing.
  5. As technology has flourished, I use less paper
  6. I ALWAYS recycle

Although the world suffers from the effects of all waste commodities, “we live in a plastic world,” says Mark Contorno from Creeklife.

Plastic is harmful to the environment and your health consumption. Plastic containers include the toxic chemicals of phthalates and BPA, which are harsh and damaging flame retardants.

Not only is plastic effecting human health and the environment, but ocean life as well. Choosing not to recycle allows for plastics and waste to build up and collect throughout ecosystems.

Photo by Vertical Response

Think of the trash that has accumulated alongside of the highway and how rare it is to view members of communities picking up trash along the streets. The handling procedures of disposable items are damaging the planet, health and quality of life for every animal on earth.

Choose to recycle.


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